The Austen Morris Associates Manifesto
  • Austen Morris Associates is committed to long-term partnerships.
  • We will always continue to build upon our history of market leadership with integrity and innovation.
  • We will always strive to reward the trust you have placed in us by returning the best results for you.
  • In the countries we call home, our purpose will always remain the same:
    Austen Morris Associates is committed to rewarding partnerships.
    We will always protect and develop your prosperity as we grow together.
  • We will always contribute to the well being of the larger community.
  • We will always keep our commitment to being agents of positive change. And we will always value the opportunities we are given.
  • We will grow together always protecting and developing your portfolio.
  • We are as invested in your future as you are in ours.
Austen Morris Associates
Invested Together, Always
Business Development Consultant
Austen Morris Associates is recruiting business development coordinators consultants to work in financial planning and wealth management services in Shanghai, Manila & Johannesburg.
Financial Consultant
As a Financial Consultant you would be involved in providing investment advice and Financial Planning services to individuals and to businesses.

AMA And Alquity Transform Lives


At Austen Morris Associates, we believe it is remarkably important to utilize our privilege to help raise up those around us. We feel that with the pursuit of profit through investments comes the responsibility to give something back to the community around us…


Money Matters Oct 17th, 2016


United States:

S&P 2,133 -0.96%, 10yr Treasury 1.79% +7.96bps, HY Credit Index 405 +2bps, Vix 16.12 +2.64Vol Last week continued the trend of a positive correlation between US bonds and equities, with both falling – albeit modestly. The USD also gained, reaching 7 month highs but short of record levels from…

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