The Austen Morris Associates Manifesto
  • Austen Morris Associates is committed to long-term partnerships.
  • We will always continue to build upon our history of market leadership with integrity and innovation.
  • We will always strive to reward the trust you have placed in us by returning the best results for you.
  • In the countries we call home, our purpose will always remain the same:
    Austen Morris Associates is committed to rewarding partnerships.
    We will always protect and develop your prosperity as we grow together.
  • We will always contribute to the well being of the larger community.
  • We will always keep our commitment to being agents of positive change. And we will always value the opportunities we are given.
  • We will grow together always protecting and developing your portfolio.
  • We are as invested in your future as you are in ours.
Austen Morris Associates
Invested Together, Always
Business Development Consultant
Austen Morris Associates is recruiting business development coordinators consultants to work in financial planning and wealth management services in Shanghai, Manila & Johannesburg.
Financial Consultant
As a Financial Consultant you would be involved in providing investment advice and Financial Planning services to individuals and to businesses.
Barcelona, Property That Pays Dividends


Global investment markets are increasingly volatile and investors are understandably concerned for the security of their investments. In these uncertain times Austen Morris Associates is proud of the strategic options being provided by our experienced team of global investment Consultants.

In our view, where there is volatility, there is always opportunity. One such area of opportunity to investors is in property. With the exception of Central London, which has now peaked, the past few years have been sobering for global property. Falling house prices have torpedoed markets and undermined confidence all over the world. It is natural that this would create concerns for anyone considering an overseas property investment…


Celebrating South Africa’s Heritage Day With A Braai

Celebrating Heritage Day in Johannesburg was a wonderful opportunity to bring together our team from offices around the globe! On Wednesday, 24 September 2014, the Austen Morris Associates Shanghai and Manila teams met with the Africa team and had a South African style Braai, which is a barbecue with traditions similar to a potluck party where people gather and socialize, while also celebrating Heritage Day!

Heritage Day is when South Africans near and far celebrate their traditions and beliefs originating from a Zulu king name Shaka, who helped unite the different clans into one nation.rbtn

Austen Morris Associates Global Quarterly Meeting, Q1 2016


As is traditional at Austen Morris Associates the first of 4 annual quarterly meetings was held last week to kick off 2016. It was an opportunity to recognise individuals for outstanding performance during the first quarter, while reflecting on the achievements of 2015 and a look ahead to what promises to be a record year for Austen Morris Associates.

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