19th Structured Note pays dividends for Austen Morris Associates’ Clients

27 January, 2014

Austen Morris Associates is proud to announce that its range of structured products continues to pay dividends for our clients all over the world, with another note maturing early. Earlier today, Austen Morris Associates announced that their 19th structured note has auto called, giving clients a full return of their capital plus market-leading profits.

This note is issued by RBC and has provided clients with a 14% P.A. return, paid in cash, as well as returning their initial capital. This will allow clients to reinvest into Austen Morris Associates current range of structured products and continue to receive attractive returns.

As a company, Austen Morris Associates consistently seeks out the best structured notes for our clients.

Structured Note Returns 2012-2014:
Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 1.01.09 PM

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