Monthly Archives: October 2016

  According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Global Housing Watch, property prices in most countries increased over the previous twelve months. Whilst still not back to 2007 levels, global prices increased by around 2% ... more
United States: S&P 2,141 +0.38%, 10yr Treasury 1.72% -6.30bps, HY Credit Index 398 -6bps, Vix 13.18 -2.78Vol Recent, modestly higher, volatility fell away last week as US equities traded in a narrow range, finishing slightly ... more
United States: S&P 2,133 -0.96%, 10yr Treasury 1.79% +7.96bps, HY Credit Index 405 +2bps, Vix 16.12 +2.64Vol Last week continued the trend of a positive correlation between US bonds and equities, with both falling – ... more
Fee increases greater than inflation. There is no doubt that school fees have been annually rising by several percentage points more than inflation in most of the developed world. Total education fees for a child ... more
United States: S&P 2,154 -0.67%, 10yr Treasury 1.71% +12.37bps, HY Credit Index 401 +3bps, Vix 13.48 +0.19Vol US equities again correlated positively with bonds – high dividend yielding sectors in particular under-performing. In terms of ... more
Our ‘Founding Partner’ Greg Morris along with ‘Managing Partner’ James Colclough were invited to attend the RL360 Annual Convention in Namibia-Africa this September. James and Greg with a host of other attendees enjoyed activities such ... more
Our ‘Founding Partner’ Greg Morris along with ‘Managing Partner’ James Colclough visited our South Africa offices earlier this September. James and Greg enjoyed taking the Johannesburg team to ‘Mziki Private Game Reserve’. Mziki is home to ... more