Monthly Archives: November 2016

Thank you to all of the staff and friends of Austen Morris Associates who donated bags for this years Giving Tree Program organised by the Community Centre Shanghai alongside Home Sweet Home who organised the ... more
General Consensus: Over the past 3 weeks, global markets have decoupled, with price action suggesting strong consensus positioning across the developed world. In particular, investors have quickly priced in that Trump will bring meaningful fiscal ... more
Europe: Eurostoxx 3,025 -2.82%, German Bund 0.29% -3.60bps, Xover Credit Index 347 -2bps, EURUSD 1.063 +2.52% The positive US tone did not carry over to European equities last week. Most country indices finished lower, led ... more
On Wednesday the 9th of November, Austen Morris Associates Senior Partner Mr. Jon Holand hosted a dinner at Char restaurant at the Indigo Hotel in Shanghai. This event was not only a business dinner, but also ... more
Coming into US election week, the S&P 500 had declined for 9 consecutive days – the longest losing streak in 36 years, for a cumulative loss of around 3%. On Monday however, the day after ... more
After one of the most spiteful and divisive election campaigns ever, Donald Trump will now be the 45th president. We are not interested in the politics or rhetoric that accompanies all such events. As investment ... more
America decides: Anxiety ahead of the US elections has drip-fed global equities lower over the past 2 weeks. Certainly, it is clear that a Trump victory is seen as market negative – and on this ... more
United States: S&P 2,126 -0.69%, 10yr Treasury 1.84% +11.21bps, HY Credit Index 415 +12bps, Vix 16.31 +2.85Vol Most US equities finished lower this week, with the technology sector under-performing as Amazon shed 6% on disappointing ... more