Monthly Archives: February 2017

LET’S BE HAVING YOU The overall interpretation of post-election trading dynamics for US equities is as follows: Investors are reticent to reduce exposure because economic data is resilient, supported by a broader global rebound. Investors ... more
THE HONEYMOON Not everyone is finding the Donald Trump Presidency straightforward. Foreign leaders have struggled with his “ad-lib” style, the media have provoked his ire with “very fake news” and now the whole of Sweden ... more
For many expatriate workers, their overseas contract is THE golden opportunity to set themselves up financially for life. They usually have high earnings, large living expenses such as housing are paid for by their company, ... more
IT’S COMPLICATED Market moves this week suggest this dynamic continued – the S&P 500 hit 39 consecutive days without a move of more than 1% (a new record), whilst equities outside Europe climbed the “wall ... more
DRAGGING FEET… This week’s market moves, policy announcements, and political news flow provided a very good summary of the current outlook. Coincidently economic data is unequivocally positive, but investors and central banks are tentative because ... more