Monthly Archives: May 2017

PAPER SHUFFLING After a 9-month odd bull market, some divergence and loss of momentum has prevailed over recent weeks. Over the next month, a number of policy announcements could shape market direction. In particular: FED ... more
Many people worry about their retirement fund, mostly they are concerned they won’t have enough money to retire on comfortably. In some cases they even worry they will have too much and the tax man ... more
POLITICALLY INCORRECT After a 9-month period in which equity markets have stretched their legs into a “perfect calm” of rebounding global growth, last week saw a mid-week stagger as a 1-2 political punch combo threatened ... more
Today marks an extraordinary 23 years of Austen Morris Associates being in business! Since 1994, we have been committed to the core values of trust, professionalism and partnership to the benefit of our International Clients ... more
DECOUPLING Whilst emerging markets pushed higher last week, the US struggled to do much of anything and Europe gave back some recent gains. We reiterate our call for a passing of the growth baton away ... more
On Wednesday, May 10th, Austen Morris Associates held a private client dinner at Kartel, one of Shanghai’s finest French restaurants and wine bars. In total, twenty-five specially invited guests—new and old—attended the event, including longtime ... more
OUT OF SYNC? Europe, the sick man of global markets, is on a tear with stronger data, reduced political risk and some of the best performing equity indices in the world. Meanwhile, this week commodity ... more
There is currently strong momentum behind global growth. However, the “balance of power” is shifting from North America to the rest of the world. For example, economic surprise indices, measuring incoming data against expectations, are ... more