Monthly Archives: August 2017

NOTHING TO SEE In last week’s edition covered the current environment of abnormally low inflation relative to the breadth and strength of global growth. It was argued that this was related to a number of ... more
JUST A MINUTE Last week, minutes to the ECB and FED July meetings revealed an increasingly agitated discussion about the lack of inflation associated with the current expansion and period of declining unemployment (the failure ... more
BULL IN A CHINA SHOP This week, overall global growth momentum has continued to float almost all boats. Nonetheless, there is still notable political risk. For example: In Japan, the declining popularity of Prime Minister ... more
GOLDILOCKS KEEPS THE BEARS AT BAY This week, the Czech central bank became the first to raise rates in the EU since Jean-Claude Trichet’s much lambasted hike in the midst of the sovereign debt crisis ... more
LEFT BEHIND OR LED ASTRAY After sweeping into power on the promise of stimulus, reform and “Making America Great Again”, during his first 190 days in office, one could well judge Donald Trump has tried ... more