Monthly Archives: October 2018

WILL EQUITY MARKETS SCARE THE FED AWAY FROM TIGHTENING? That, of course, ‘depends.’ The reaction function of the Fed’s monetary policy depends primarily on two factors: the state of the labour market and the intensity ... more
Today we acknowledge Client Services Manager, Melinda Zheng, who celebrates 10 wonderful years with Austen Morris Associates. We value all of the hard work, commitment to excellence, dedication and loyalty you have shown over the ... more
Today we would like to recognize Shanghai based Administrator, Ann Juan, for 9 years of excellence with Austen Morris Associates. We thank you for all the hard work, dedication and loyalty you have shown during the ... more
POLITICS MAY CONTINUE TO TRUMP ECONOMICS THIS WEEK Due to the light economic diary in the US and the lack of protectionist rhetoric by the President of the United States, risk assets attempted to recover ... more
Today we recognize Executive Assistant to Senior Partner, Dino Wang, who is celebrating 11 wonderful years with Austen Morris Associates From everyone at AMAwe thank you for your hard work, loyalty, commitment and dedication over the ... more
Today we celebrate and recognize Client Services Manager, Kelly Olver, who celebrates 12 wonderful years with Austen Morris Associates. From Greg, James and everyone at AMA, we thank you for your continued hard work, commitment, ... more
Today we recognize Shanghai-based Accountant, Vivian Yu, who celebrates 10 wonderful years with Austen Morris Associates We thank you for your loyalty, commitment and dedication to AMA and appreciate all that you do. From Greg,  James and ... more
CHINESE GDP DATA MAY KEEP MARKETS ON THEIR TOES Eurozone member states, Japan and the UK publish inflation statistics this week. The broad spectrum of inflation data will help financial market players assess to what extent ... more
Today we are celebrating 18 glorious years with Senior Consultant, Alistair Skinner, at Austen Morris Associates. This is a remarkable achievement and we are honoured and proud to celebrate this momentous milestone with you. We thank you ... more
This Month we would like to thank our Manila- based Administrator, Jennifer (Jaf) Awa for 6 years of excellence. Over the course of her time with Austen Morris Associates Jaf has become an indispensable member of ... more
POLITICAL TENSIONS & DEBATES DRIVE MARKETS As there are no major policy events scheduled for the coming week in developed economies, financial markets are going to mainly focus on inflation releases in the US and ... more
FEDERAL RESERVE REMAINS CAUTIOUS AS EXTERNAL RISKS MOUNT The FOMC delivered a 25bp hike lifting the range of the Fed funds rate to 2.00-2.25%. The decision itself was broadly expected and caused no surprise. Indeed, ... more