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Nick came to see us, and I only wish that I had had the pleasure of his service and expertise years and years earlier. “Two years ago, Nick Pitro was recommended to me as we were not satisfied with the advice and service we were receiving from our Investment Advisor that we had been using for 15 plus years. Nick came to see us, and I only wish that I had had the pleasure of his service and expertise years and years earlier. Nick took over our investments and proceeded to transfer our finances to a new platform, disinvest and reinvest with a minimum of inconvenience. He managed this process and saved us having to pay CGT on moving to new investments. We are pleased with the way he handled this process. We also found that Austen Morris’s fee structure is better than what we had previously. We were paying much higher fees to our previous Advisor. We have found Nick honest, considerate, and extremely knowledgeable. He is also easy to interact with and extremely patient with our many, many questions and communicated well, putting us at ease. I would highly recommend Nick Pitro and Austen Morris to any prospective clients”. DYLENE ROSSI-ZALMONS – 

AMA- offered to sort out my portfolio, I agreed and have never regretted my decision. “I almost invariably quickly end a cold call with ‘not interested’, but something in that December 2015 call from Nick’s P.A. intrigued me enough to accept a meeting with him. I’m glad that I did. I met with Nick and was immediately impressed with his energetic yet non-pushy style. He asked many questions and listened to my vague answers regarding my, then, current investments. Up to that point, my portfolio was several investments spread over several companies and financial advisors. Nick offered to sort out my portfolio. I agreed and have never regretted my decision. When Nick moved to AMA in 2017, it was a no brainer decision to continue with him. I took early retirement in 2018 and moved to the UK, Nick has continued to be my financial Advisor, and he keeps me informed and makes recommendations about my portfolio using WhatsApp chats and emails”. Gary Silverwood

‘Even though I have now moved overseas, I have asked Nick to continue as my Advisor. “Since becoming a client of Austin Morris, I have felt confident that my pension and investments are being handled professionally and with my interests to the fore. I did not have this experience with my former financial advisors. I have found Nick to be knowledgeable and approachable. He is always available to answer any questions I have and keeps me updated on any changes. I am pleased with the service that I have received from Nick and the team at Austin Morris, and even though I have now moved overseas, I have asked Nick to continue as my advisor”. Jayne Barlow – Client

AUSTEN MORRIS ASSOCIATES – A CLIENT PERSPECTIVE – April 2020 – “I have been associated with, and a client of, AMA for some time now and it is incumbent upon me professionally at this time to record my experiences and levels of appreciation to the organisation as a body and to the consultants in particular. AMA as an organisation is to be commended for its expertise, ethics, creed and its impeccable professional standards of service to its clients. While positioning its products and services with an international investment focus, it remains acutely abreast, informed and updated on local conditions and the constraints, restrictions and opportunities for local citizens and resident ex-pats. AMA’s impressive and comprehensive array of products and services are underpinned by, et al.:  Local seminars on topical subjects and the facilitation of peer group networking,

  • strategic partnerships and alliances with blue-chip added value businesses,
  • Continuous updating of products and services,
  • Continuous negotiations with partners to improve offerings and reduce costs for clients,
  • Regular (weekly) and quarterly communications with clients, for dipstick monitoring and formal reviews,
  • Use of state of the art technologies and platforms for self-help, 24/7 real-time updates and improved effectiveness of operations.

Truly an organisation that has managed to get it right.  I would particularly wish to place on record my experiences with, and commendations for, Nick Pitro, Senior Consultant at AMA South Africa. Nick not only epitomises the values and performance of the organisation but exceeds even the highest expectations and standards of AMA professional service, as he extends his own added value into the realms of personalised offerings and personal requirements. Nick’s knowledge, expertise, relationship management and dedication is a shining light in the services profession. Not only does he go the extra mile with the AMA products and services, but he advises on additional personal needs of clients. Not only does he refer clients to strategic partners’ offerings, but attends client meetings with the referrals, and subsequently follows up on their performance. A remarkable and dedicated personal commitment and very reassuring to clients at all times. Nick has been instrumental in improving and adding value to AMA’s core business to the benefit of clients, and for that as well, he is to be recognised and commended.  A remarkable services organisation and an exceptional professional consultant. Well done”. John H Helmand – Executive Business Consulting services

AMA- execution in terms of paperwork and ultimate investment allocations has been nothing short of exceptional. “I could not recommend Austen Morris Associates and more specifically my consultant, Alex Pitro, highly enough. From the outset, Alex has been exceptionally professional and never once did I feel compelled or forced into switching from my previous Financial Planning and Wealth Management service provider. Instead, Alex guided me through the benefits of AMA’s offering, the depth of their product offering and platform capabilities, as well as their track record in supporting individuals similar to myself that need an independent and well-informed view in navigating global investment markets. What ultimately made me switch my portfolio management to AMA was Alex’s dedication around meticulously assessing and planning around achieving my retirement goals after numerous consultations, taking into account my primary objectives and guiding which at that stage was a somewhat insular view on the truly global investment options that were available to me. What I initially suspected to be a drawn-out process to switch providers proved to be very easy and painless. At the same time, AMA’s execution in terms of paperwork and final investment allocations has been nothing short of exceptional. Since I had switched to AMA 20 months ago, Alex and I have maintained a close relationship with regular portfolio reviews, prompt response and guidance whenever I come calling and continuous updates regarding future expectations/portfolio rebalances which has proved invaluable as we navigate through the greatest global economic crisis of our times” Niel de Bruin- Executive Director at Standard Chartered Bank- South Africa.

AMA- Reliable and Proactive “Having been an ex-pat for much of my working life, I’ve been targeted by several International investment groups over the years. I resisted the temptation of apparent ‘massive wealth’ as my perception of their representatives was slightly below that of used car salesmen, and although I have owned many cars, investment specialists, they are not. I returned to South Africa in 2014 and was immediately bombarded by a barrage of ‘specialists’, and although I felt the time was right, I failed to feel confident in handing over my retirement fund to any one company. I met Nick Pitro (among others) and instantly warmed to his openness and professionalism. Eventually, after several meetings, I took the ‘leap of faith’ with the confidence that this was the right man to look after my funds. It was Nick and not his company that I trusted. When Nick had an opportunity to better his future potential and move to Austen Morris, I had no hesitation in moving the management of those funds, with Nick to the new company. He’s reliable, proactive and a great communicator and have no hesitation in recommending Nick to anyone wanting a real ‘pro’ managing their investment portfolio”.  Jeffrey Summers – CEO, MoreCorp Group

AMA – Exceptional Performance. “Kirk took the time to understand my requirements and helped to define suitable goals. He then tailored an investment package to meet these, which has performed exceptionally to date.” Hugh Kennedy, Regional Sales Director,

AMA – 15 years as their client and I trust their expertise and responsiveness. “I have been working with Austen Morris for more than 15 years now, and I have always been satisfied with products they offered me as well as advice I got over time (not an easy task in the period we have just gone through); I receive markets updates regularly and frequently discuss best investments and moves with Kirk, who I know for ten years or so and trust for his expertise and responsiveness.” – Pierre-Emmanuel Bujes, General Manager at AXSON,

AMA – Demonstrated strong market and financial analysis capabilities. “Serviced by Will Coppin from Austen Morris Associates is an unforgettable memory. I trusted his wisdom and structured product portfolio recommendations and have enjoyed stable growth in the past 12 months. Through my own experience, the Advisor demonstrated strong market and financial analysis capabilities and can help the client to achieve their goals. I would recommend my Advisor to anyone who struggles to maximise his investment.”- Max Zhou, Shanghai,

AMA– Referred to me by a colleague, now I recommend them to my friends. “Jon was recommended to me by a former colleague and after meeting with him in early 2010 he has been my financial Advisor. Jon made his utmost to understand me and my situation, to make sure we put in place a savings plan that resonates with my needs and wants. Jon gives clear advice without over-promising; he is to the point and honest. I have introduced Jon to friends and colleagues and he always takes good care of them. I can warmly recommend Jon to anyone looking for a financial advisor.” – Madeleine Thun, Global General Manager at E.F. Education First,

Austen Morris Associates – They understand my needs and I place great trust in them. “I recommend Jon as he has shown himself to be an unassuming but intelligent person that, in a subtle way, manages his business extremely efficiently, while also looking after his clients in a personal way. I would say that I consider him a friend now, rather than a business associate and he has understood my needs, but always making sure I understand any implications of his advice before making final decisions. I would not hesitate to recommend his services, as I place great trust in him.” – Mark Irwin, Hotel Manager at Holiday Inn Golden Mile,

Austen Morris Associates – Advised with integrity and respect for my future financial security. “I recommend Jon Holand for his excellent service as a financial adviser. He is very professional, direct and easy to understand about planning and financial security. Since we’ve met in 2008, he proved to be not only a good advisor, with integrity and respect for my future financial security but a great friend. Thank you for your patience and excellent service, looking forward to continuing our relationship and future projects.” - Laura Gozman, Apparel Technical Services at Walmart,

Austen Morris Associates – It’s a pleasure to make a recommendation for excellent financial services. “I am writing with great pleasure to recommend Mr Jon Holand for the excellence of his financial services. Jon has been helping my family building confidence over the years through his professionalism and knowledge of financial markets. 
What we appreciate from Jon is his capacity to listening and understanding our expectations. We’ve never felt orientated for his or his company’s interests but we very much feel well guided to ours. 
Should you seek financial advice; we would recommend Jon’s services. We place great trust in him.” – Eric Albrand, Business Development at CMI,

Austen Morris Associates – Beating market performance. “I am pleased to provide some feedback and hope this will contribute to the development of his clients’ portfolio. We have been working as customers with Jon Holand for the last 5 years and have been pleased by his professionalism as well as the results of the work. Ultimately our financial assets he is taking care of have developed very well and Jon’s advice allowed and enabled us to perform better than the average market. We have regular contact, receive brief updates and are happy, that Jon is not just a service provider, but a caring friend, who has insight in our personal goals and works in the best interests of his customers. Therefore I recommend Jon to anyone interested to look after their financial future and interested in financial planning to achieve set goals. Sincerely.” – Jürgen Laske, Entrepreneur, computer engineer, 

Austen Morris Associates – You have given us service beyond the value of money itself. “We would like to express our thankfulness for the service you have given to us during both the times of goodness and difficulties for us. You have shown the real meaning of service especially in the finance world where people only care about money, but you don’t. You have given us service beyond the value of money itself. Because of your service we are confident with what we have been doing so far with AMA. Simply because of you. At the end of the day it is the people that matter, the product is one thing.” -Samir and Imelda, Director,

Austen Morris Associates – I’ve been their client for over 10 years and it’s my pleasure to recommend their services. ‪” It’s my pleasure to recommend James. It’s been almost a decade that I have gotten an acquaintance to James and Austen Morris Associates. James has been an outstanding leader, continuously developing; growing AMA along with Shanghai, China where more and more ex-pats are assigned to work or chose it to be their new home. James’ individual attention or that of his team is most delightful for me, being responsive to clients’ needs. I wish James and AMA much success for many years to come.” – Quang Tran, Purchasing Director at DSM,

Austen Morris Associates – After 10 years as their client, I really value their opinions.‪” James is one of those people that are a total rarity to find. Having worked with James as my wealth manager for Austen Morris Associates, he has ensured to always help and assist me through the changes that happen in our lives. ‪I have known James and AMA for over 10 years and value his opinion! As a friend, he constantly is a positive source of energy and would not hesitate to recommend James for all matters related to wealth management.”‪ - Mike Cookson, Owner & CEO at Pendragon Hydraulics,

Austen Morris Associates – Informed professionals who react quickly and always keeps my best interests at heart “I do not hesitate to recommend my Austen Morris Associates Adviser Mr Will Coppin for financial planning services. I have been working with Will for a couple of years now and have always received prompt responses, unbiased opinions and strategic research – all directly related to my personal financial situation. During these times of economic stress and uncertainty, it is comforting to have the services of an informed professional who reacts quickly and always keeps my best interests at heart. I plan to continue my involvement with Will and Austen Morris Associates and look forward to achieving my goals with their assistance.” – Allan Jenkins, Design Director at Montaigne Design,

Austen Morris Associates – Highly recommended and I will continue to use them for many years to come. “I would highly recommend my Austen Morris Associates Advisor Mr Will Coppin to anyone looking for a professional Financial Advisor. I really appreciated the confidentiality in his approach, the investment suggestions and the support provided by his team. I’m always updated with the latest market news and the status of my investment portfolio performance. I will definitely continue with Mr Will Coppin for years to come as his market knowledge and ideas will help me in my wealth portfolio management.” – Claudio G, Director, Shanghai,

Austen Morris Associates – Since 1999 I have been happily trusting their advice and I’m confident of reaching my goals. “As an Expat working in China since 1999, I required professional financial advice and service to plan for my eventual repatriation. Alistair Skinner and the Austen Morris team have given me great advice and service over the last 16 years. With Austen Morris, I am confident that I have a solid plan which will meet my goal.” Jim Director – Shanghai,

Austen Morris Associates – A refreshing approach which is easy to relate to. “I recently attended a financial planning session with AMA consultant Jon Holland as part of an event with the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. Jon’s insight was really helpful and allowed me to take an honest look at my finances and align my investment portfolio with my goals for the future. The scenarios he presented were realistic and he shared from his personal experience, which was refreshing and easy to relate to. I plan to meet with him on a one on one basis to see how I can further optimise my investments.” Johanna Hoopes, Dragon Group Asia,

Austen Morris Associates – Smart, motivated, helpful and honest. “Dragon Media has worked with Austen Morris in 2014-2015 through an exciting rebranding and expansion process. We’ve seen their team grow wisely and successfully offer new products in emerging markets, opening promising international options for investors in South Africa and The Philippines. AMA’s excellent reputation is based on its people – smart, motivated, helpful and honest. We’re confident that their respect for these core values will allow them to foster longstanding partnerships in the long-run.” Johanna Hoopes, Dragon Group Asia,

Austen Morris Associates – We can count on them to help us to help the community “Community Center Shanghai, a not-for-profit serving the Shanghai international community, has benefited greatly from our partnership with Austen Morris Associates. Their sponsorship of our newcomer orientations, bazaars, Guide magazine, and numerous events have allowed us to reach tens of thousands of expatriates to help them feel at home in Shanghai. Additionally, they helped to found our Charity LINK program, a service that provides charities in Shanghai with training, networking events, and recruitment opportunities. And they annually participate in our Giving Tree program, filling bags with warm clothing and school supplies for marginalised and impoverished children in the Shanghai area. We can count on Austen Morris to help us help the community.” Angela Cruz, Charities Manager at Community Center Shanghai,

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