Portia Mbokane Profile Pic

Portia Mbokane

Business Development Consultant

Portia has previous experience in the banking industry as well as call centre operations in which she has held various positions. With a proven tra

    YOLANDA BATADLAN - Messenger

    Yolanda Batadlan

    General office Assistant

    Yolanda is originally from Negros Occidental, and has been working with AMA as a general office assistant . With her positive and motherly attitude


      Cloris Huang

      Client Support Representative

      Cloris joined Austen Morris Associates in 2008. She provides administrative and secretarial support to the office while also undertaking regular a

      Greg Morris

      Greg Morris

      Founding Senior Partner

      Greg Morris is one of the most respected leaders in financial services in Asia and Africa.

      Greg is well known in the financial services indu


      Vivian Yu


      Vivian, originally from Shanghai, graduated from Shanghai Institute of Technology and Fisheries University majoring i

      Matthew R

      Matthew Riddington

      Senior Partner

      Since joining the financial services industry in 1992 Matthew has enjoyed a successful and dynamic career. As a Senior Wealth Manager with Lloyds B

      KATHLEEN PORTUGUEZ - Assistant Healthcare Division

      Kathleen Portuguez

      Health Care

      Kathleen joined Austen Morris Associates in March 2016 as a Private Health Insurance Specialist (PHI). Kathleen works to help our Senior PHI Specia


        Brett Taylor

        Senior Consultant

        With over 10 years industry experience, Brett’s track record speaks for itself. He started as an independent financial advisor, specialising in O

          MARK DIEGO - Business Development Consultant

          Mark Jason Diego

          Business Development Consultant

          Mark Jason Diego joined Austen Morris Associates role at primarily to provide clients with the complete spectrum of wealth management and financial

          Westley (1)-1

          Westley Van Rooijen

          Head of Healthcare South Africa

          Westley joined Austen Morris in March 2016 as the Head of Healthcare for Africa.

          Prior to working at Austen


            Kirk McArdle


            With 17 years in the client service arena in the UK, managing a team of 180 staff in a 24-hour, client driven environment, Kirk joined Austen Morri

            Mathew Marsden

            Mathew Marsden

            Senior Consultant

            Mathew has been working in the high-net-worth wealth management sector for the past five years, having qualified with his Postgraduate Investment H


              Joeffrey Pimentel

              Business Development Consultant

              Joeffrey graduated from Kalinga State University (Philippines) in Electrical Engineering and Technology in 2000. After Graduating, he spent 4 years

                APRIL EUSEBIO - Head of Wealth Management Services

                April Eusebio

                Head of Wealth Management

                April is our Head of Wealth Management Services. She joined the company in 2007 and works to ensure our clients are able to connect with their Cons

                2017.06 Lucien Profile Pic 2

                Lucien Gounden

                Senior Consultant

                Lucien developed an early interest in wealth and preservation. At the age of just 15 he took part in a share portfolio exercise run by the Johannes

                  Ann Chen

                  Ann Juan

                  Client Services Administrator

                  Ann, originally from Anhui, joined Austen Morris Associates in 2009.  Ann has been administering the Client Relationship Management System through

                  Craig Merrifield Profile Pic

                  Craig Merrifield

                  Associate Assistant

                  Craig began his career by studying Brand Building and Management at the Vega School of Brand Leadership, his pursuit for skills in marketing strate


                    Candice Yao

                    Executive Assistant to Executive Director Phil Morris

                    Candice joined Austen Morris Associates in January 2009 as part of the Administrative team. Today Candice is a key team member who plays an instrum

                    stuart baldwin

                    Stuart Baldwin

                    Senior Partner

                    Stuart has been involved in Financial Services since 1986 when he started training as a Financial Adviser in the UKwith Liberty Life. He remained w

                    Phil Morris

                    Phil Morris

                    Executive Director

                    Wade Dawson

                    Wade Dawson


                    Wade has worked as an international financial adviser since 2001, helping individuals and families achieve their financial goals. He is dedicated t


                    Rachel Ortega

                    PHI Specialist

                    Rachel, originally from the Philippines, joined Austen Morris Associates in June 2008 as a Personal Healthcare Specialist and is looking forward to


                    Nick Pitro

                    Senior Consultant

                    At 35 years of age Nick has had a extensive professional consulting career, spanning 15 years. Nick’s education background includes a Bachelor of

                      Zinhle Mkhize Profile Pic

                      Zee Mkhize

                      Administration Assistant

                      Born and bred in Johannesburg, Zinhle, or Zee, loves her city and is a great explorer of it, as well as enjoying travel. Meaning beautiful in Afric


                        James Colclough

                        Managing Senior Partner

                        As the Managing Senior Partner at Austen Morris Associates, James is responsible for the growth, development and direction of the company as


                        Barry O’Brien


                        Having worked in the financial industry for more than 10 years Barry has experience in asset and portfolio management as an investment analyst, equ

                          Cherry Vi

                          Cherry Vi

                          Client Services Manager


                          Chad Goddard


                          Austen Morris Associates is pleased to announce that Chad Goddard has joined the Johannesburg, South Africa team as a Consultant.

                          With a str

                            AMA_David Morgand_website image_300x300

                            David Morgan

                            Associate Partner

                            Austen Morris Associates is pleased to announce that David Morgan has joined the Johannesburg, South Africa team as an Associate Partner.


                              Sheena Website Pic

                              Sheena Van Rooijen

                              Business Development Manager

                              Sheena joined the company in February 2014 and worked her way up over 11 months to Business Development Manager.

                              Sheena works with our poten

                                Darryl V

                                Darryl Viojan

                                Senior Consultant

                                Darryl joined Austen Morris Associates in 2005 as an ambitious member of the business development team. Over the past eight years he has built a lo

                                Kyle Drake edited

                                Kyle Drake

                                Business Development Consultant

                                After completing his matric and a year at Pretoria Old Boys Cricket Academy Kyle went on to obtain a B Com in Intrepren


                                  Alan Vassallo


                                  Alan joined Austen Morris Associates in November 2003 and worked his way through to his present position, which also includes being a shareholder w


                                  Mario Mitov


                                  A semester before he obtained his B.A. diploma in Sociology and Economics from the University of Sofia, (ranked as

                                    Joy Zhang

                                    Joy Zhang

                                    Senior administrator

                                    Joy Zhang, originally form Hangzhou China joined AMA in 2007 as an Administrative Assistant helping the young China branch to provide the most prof


                                      Jon Holand

                                      Senior Partner

                                      Jon Holand became a Senior Partner of Austen Morris Associates in February of 2014 after having worked his way through the company ranks. He curren


                                      Anu Aggarwal

                                      Head of Recruitment and Operations

                                      Anu's career provides positive proof of the international opportun


                                      Ted Shen

                                      Senior Consultant

                                      Ted Shen, originally from Taiwan, began his career in finance after graduating from Columbia Business School in Manhattan working on Wall Street at

                                      MELINDA ZHENG - Client Services Account Manager

                                      Melinda Zheng

                                      Client Services Manager

                                      Melinda Zheng grew up in Harbin in northeast China, where she studied English while at university. She began her professional career as a personal

                                      JENNIFER JAF AWA - Administrator

                                      Jennifer Awa


                                      Jennifer, originally from the Philippines, moved to Shanghai and join the Austen Morris team in 2012. Since joining the company, she has added valu

                                      Brad Ginsberg Profile Pic

                                      Bradley Ginsberg

                                      Associate Assistant

                                      Bradley started his career in culinary arts working as a pastry chef for a upscale wedding venue, where he progressed in to heading up a restaurant


                                        Bessie Jia

                                        Executive Assistant to senior Partner Jon Holand

                                        Bessie, originally from Shanghai. Since joining Austen Morris in June 2001, Bessie has been instrumental in setting u


                                        Billie Jin

                                        Special Projects Manager

                                        Billie joined Austen Morris Associates in 2000. She started her career as the Executive Assistant to senior partners Greg Morris and James Colcloug

                                        MARTYN DAVIES - Regional Manager

                                        Martyn Davies

                                        Regional Manager Philippines

                                        Martyn has worked in the finance sector for the last 20 years a large proportion of this was spent structuring high value asset backed financial st

                                          Nicole Edwards

                                          Nicole Edwards

                                          Business Operations Manager - South Africa

                                          A highly motivated individual with a mind for problem solving, Nicole is well known for identifying and resolving administrative issues, implementi


                                            Leith Anticevich


                                            With five years of experience in financial industries, Leith has a background in personal wealth portfolios, retirement planning, education plannin

                                              Simon Gaffney

                                              Simon Gaffney


                                              Although Irish, I grew up in Botswana before returning to Ireland where I both studied and work. I returned to South Africa 7 years ago and current

                                                Alister Skinner

                                                Alistair Skinner

                                                Senior Consultant

                                                Alistair Skinner joined the Financial Services industry in 1982 and in his 18 years with the one company spent 8 years as a successful advisor befo


                                                Dino Wang

                                                Human Resources Administrator

                                                Dino, originally from Shanghai, has been working at Austen Morris Associates since 2007. She works within the human r

                                                RON SAPIDA - Data Researcher

                                                Ron Sapida

                                                Data Researcher

                                                Ron Spadia joined Austen Morris Associates in June of 2015 in the capacity of Data Researcher.  Since he joined Austen Morris Associates, Ron has

                                                  Nina Bao

                                                  Nina Bao

                                                  Executive Assistant to Partner Alan Vassallo

                                                  "Nina graduated from the University of Plymouth located in the United Kingdom in February 2007. She joined Austen Morris Associates in May 2007 as


                                                  William Coppin

                                                  Senior Partner

                                                  William Coppin is an International Investment Consultant who has worked in the financial services industry for over 10 years. He has worked from Lo


                                                  Yogesh Bhambhani

                                                  Business Development Consultant

                                                  Yogesh is from Mumbai, India with a major in Business Commerce. Since joining Austen Morris Associates in 2009, Yogesh adds value to the company by

                                                  Richard Hornsey Edited New

                                                  Richard Hornsey

                                                  Business Development Consultant

                                                  After Completing School I was unsure about what I wanted to do and what to further study. Consequently I decided to hea


                                                    Angie Swann

                                                    Client Services Manager

                                                    Angie Swann is originally from the UK, and holds the position of Client Services Manager for Austen Morris Associates in Shanghai.

                                                    She has b

                                                    MATTHEW ARNOLD - Operation Manager & Senior Consultant

                                                    Matthew Arnold

                                                    Senior Consultant

                                                    Matthew Arnold has been in the financial services industry for over 10 years. During his time at Austen Morris Associates, he has helped many indiv


                                                    Ian Edwards

                                                    Partner & Africa Regional Manager

                                                    New partnerships bring with them many exciting opportunities and with Ian on-board as both Partner and Africa Regional Manager, we look forward to


                                                      Kelly Olver

                                                      Client Services Manager

                                                      Kelly Olver is Client Services Manager for Austen Morris Associates and is based in the Shanghai Head Office. Kelly joined Austen Morris Associates


                                                      Michelle Hill

                                                      Client Services Manager

                                                      Michelle joined Austen Morris in August 2013 as the Executive Assistant to Africa Regional Manager Wade Dawson.

                                                    • Email Michelle Hill
                                                    • Austen Morris Associates Ethel V

                                                      Ethel Villapando

                                                      Senior Private Health Insurance Specialist

                                                      Ethel joined Austen Morris Associates in 2008 and is looking forward to more productive and exciting years with the company. Ethel helps the compan


                                                        Daniela De Falco

                                                        Client Services Manager

                                                        Austen Morris Associates is pleased to announce that Daniela De Falco has joined the Johannesburg, South Africa team as a Client Services Manager.<

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