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KATHLEEN PORTUGUEZ - Assistant Healthcare Division

Kathleen Portuguez

Health Care

Kathleen joined Austen Morris Associates in March 2016 as a Private Health Insurance Specialist (PHI). Kathleen works to help our Senior PHI Specia

    JENNIFER JAF AWA - Administrator

    Jennifer Awa


    Jennifer, originally from the Philippines, moved to Shanghai and join the Austen Morris team in 2012. Since joining the company, she has added valu


    James Colclough

    Managing Senior Partner

    As the Managing Senior Partner at Austen Morris Associates, James is responsible for the growth, development and direction of the company as


    Anu Aggarwal

    Head of Recruitment and Operations

    Anu's career provides positive proof of the international opportun

    • Email Anu Aggarwal
    • Tel: +86 21 6060 1486
    MELINDA ZHENG - Client Services Account Manager

    Melinda Zheng

    Client Services Manager

    Melinda Zheng grew up in Harbin in northeast China, where she studied English while at university. She began her professional career as a personal

    Austen Morris Associates Ethel V

    Ethel Villapando

    Senior Private Health Insurance Specialist

    Ethel joined Austen Morris Associates in 2008 and is looking forward to more productive and exciting years with the company. Ethel helps the compan

      Darryl V

      Darryl Viojan

      Senior Consultant

      Darryl joined Austen Morris Associates in 2005 as an ambitious member of the business development team. Over the past eight years he has built a lo

      Greg Morris

      Greg Morris

      Founding Senior Partner

      Greg Morris is one of the most respected leaders in financial services in Asia and Africa.

      Greg is well known in the financial services indu


      Candice Yao

      Executive Assistant to Executive Director Phil Morris

      Candice joined Austen Morris Associates in January 2009 as part of the Administrative team. Today Candice is a key team member who plays an instrum

      Matthew R

      Matthew Riddington

      Senior Partner

      Since joining the financial services industry in 1992 Matthew has enjoyed a successful and dynamic career. As a Senior Wealth Manager with Lloyds B

      APRIL EUSEBIO - Head of Wealth Management Services

      April Eusebio

      Head of Wealth Management

      April is our Head of Wealth Management Services. She joined the company in 2007 and works to ensure our clients are able to connect with their Cons


      Rachel Ortega

      PHI Specialist

      Rachel, originally from the Philippines, joined Austen Morris Associates in June 2008 as a Personal Healthcare Specialist and is looking forward to

      Cherry Vi

      Cherry Vi

      Client Services Manager

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