Featured Image 12 Feb 2019
12 February, 2019
SHOULD CONCERNS ABOUT GLOBAL GROWTH BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY? Bond yields slipped to very depressed levels once again marking that financial markets remain concerned about the state of the global economy. The question arises whether the worries of ... more
7 February, 2019
AMA Africa are very proud and pleased to announce the naming of their premises in Johannesburg, South Africa. Over the past 24 months the company has grown from a modest 200sqm to over 700sqm, employing ... more
Year of Pig 2019
5 February, 2019
HOW LONG COULD GOLDILOCKS STAY WHILE THE BEARS ARE AWAY? Markets breathed a sigh of relief after Fed Chair Powell’s remarks on Wednesday. Mr. Powell delivered a speech which signified a policy U-turn compared to his ... more
APRIL EUSEBIO - Head of Wealth Management Services
1 February, 2019
Today we recognise the Head of Wealth Management Services, April Eusebio-Castillo, who is celebrating 12 years with Austen Morris Associates. April is an exceptional member of the AMA Family, the work she does is an ... more
Featured Image 30 Jan 2019
30 January, 2019
IS A REBOUND OF ECONOMIC GROWTH ON THE HORIZON? The IMF presented its updated global macroeconomic outlook, in which the organisation admitted that their previous GDP growth forecast for 2019 and 2020 was too optimistic. As ... more
25 January, 2019
As we approach our 25th anniversary in business, I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on what has been achieved by some superb people over this period of time. It has always been a belief of the AMA group to focus on the future and the positive developments that the next month, year or decade will bring, but at this time, it is difficult not to look back and enjoy the achievements of the company over the past 25 years.... more
Featured Image 22 Jan 2019
22 January, 2019
POLITICAL RISKS BACK IN THE DRIVING SEAT Various risks of political nature linger that drive global market sentiment and thus asset prices. Just to name a few:   Due to the government shutdown in the US, ... more
Featured Image 15 January 2019 B
15 January, 2019
THE POWELL PUTT & TRADE TALKS “The principal worry I would have is really global growth,” said Fed Chair Jerome Powell. The Fed Chair added that the FOMC will be “patient” and “flexible” when it ... more
11 January, 2019
Today we recognise Managing Senior Partner, James Colclough who is celebrating 18 years with Austen Morris Associates. From Greg Morris and the entire team, we thank you for your hard work, dedication, leadership, and all ... more
10 January, 2019
Today we recognise Candice Yao for her 10 year anniversary with Austen Morris Associates. Congratulations on this milestone Candice, we thank you for your continued loyalty, hard work, dedication and above all your commitment to ... more
Simon Gaffney
9 January, 2019
From James, Greg, and the entire team we thank you for your hard work and dedication. Congratulations on your 2-year work anniversary Simon, we look forward to celebrating many more years with you.... more
Small Earth globes with world maps
8 January, 2019
THE US’ ECONOMIC OUTLOOK IS NOT AS BAD AS MARKETS DEEM Although the holiday season usually implies boredom, this was definitely not the case last week, when asset prices exhibited excessive moves – especially in ... more