Feaetured Image 16 Oct 2018
16 October, 2018
CHINESE GDP DATA MAY KEEP MARKETS ON THEIR TOES Eurozone member states, Japan and the UK publish inflation statistics this week. The broad spectrum of inflation data will help financial market players assess to what extent ... more
15 October, 2018
Today we are celebrating 18 glorious years with Senior Consultant, Alistair Skinner, at Austen Morris Associates. This is a remarkable achievement and we are honoured and proud to celebrate this momentous milestone with you. We thank you ... more
JENNIFER JAF AWA - Administrator
10 October, 2018
This Month we would like to thank our Manila- based Administrator, Jennifer (Jaf) Awa for 6 years of excellence. Over the course of her time with Austen Morris Associates Jaf has become an indispensable member of ... more
Featured Image 9th Oct 2018
9 October, 2018
POLITICAL TENSIONS & DEBATES DRIVE MARKETS As there are no major policy events scheduled for the coming week in developed economies, financial markets are going to mainly focus on inflation releases in the US and ... more
Featured Image 2 Oct 2018
2 October, 2018
FEDERAL RESERVE REMAINS CAUTIOUS AS EXTERNAL RISKS MOUNT The FOMC delivered a 25bp hike lifting the range of the Fed funds rate to 2.00-2.25%. The decision itself was broadly expected and caused no surprise. Indeed, ... more
Featured Image 25 Sept 2018
25 September, 2018
ENOUGH WITH THE TRADE TALKS Although new tariffs levied on Chinese products by the US come into force this week (24th September), it was announced that already imposed tariffs will rise from 10% to 25% in ... more
20 September, 2018
On the 12th of September 2018, Austen Morris Associates’ Senior Partner Jon Holand was delighted to host another successful Private Client Dinner (PCD) at the newly-opened Shanghai EDITION Hotel. EDITION Hotels are created and designed through ... more
18 September, 2018
CAN A GOLDILOCKS MARKET RETURN? Risk aversion in global markets faded by the end of last week, due to several coinciding factors: Trade tensions eased, as the US and China signalled that they might (or might ... more
Featured Image 11 Sept 2018
11 September, 2018
NINETY-NINE PROBLEMS, BUT A RATE HIKE AIN’T ONE Turmoil in the EM universe will probably continue this week, as none of the countries that triggered the risk-averse global market sentiment and meltdown in the EM ... more
mario-draghi-ecb-hike 4 sept
4 September, 2018
DRAGHI’S TRICHET MOMENT IS IMMINENT ECB President Mario Draghi and his fellow members on the European Central Bank’s Governing Council have been doing everything right to commit a policy mistake, similarly to their predecessors under ... more
31 August, 2018
Austen Morris Associates were proud to partner with market leader IP Global on an exclusive launch, a breakfast event held at the Bryanston Country Club, Johannesburg. Austen Morris Associates prides itself in providing holistic financial planning to all our clients, as ... more
Business chart with glowing arrows and world map
29 August, 2018
POWELL’S CAUTIOUS REMARKS SPURRED STOCK MARKET Although markets still believe that two additional 25bp hikes by the Fed are a done deal in the second half of this year, the speech by Fed Chairman Jerome ... more