Joy Zhang
21 August, 2018
This month, we would like to recognize and congratulate Senior Administrator, Joy Zhang on her 11th Anniversary at Austen Morris Associates. 11 Years with any organization is a huge accomplishment, we are very proud to celebrate ... more
Featured Image 21 Aug
21 August, 2018
TURKEY IS IDIOSYNCRATIC, NOT SYSTEMATIC Headlines were dominated by the market turmoil in Turkey that triggered a mini meltdown in the EM universe. With a few exceptions, all emerging and frontier markets were hit during ... more
20 August, 2018
Austen Morris Associates is happy to announce Michelle Hill as our new Head of Marketing. With experience that spans the retail, import/export, media & broadcast and telecommunications sectors, Michelle joined AMA in August 2013 as ... more
15 August, 2018
Ambition is one of the qualities that enable success in the financial industry and this month, we recognise an ambitious member of our team, Darryl Viojan, who celebrates eleven years of excellence at Austen Morris Associates. ... more
14 August, 2018
THE POTUS FRIED TURKEY: TRYING TIMES FOR ILLEBERAL COUNTRIES Turkey is experiencing a fully blown currency crisis and financial meltdown. The Turkish economy has been running a substantial twin deficit, faces accelerating inflation and has ... more
7 August, 2018
Located in the cosmopolitan heart of Asia, Austen Morris Associates’ Shanghai office is perfectly situated to provide our employees with the opportunity to experience a one-of-a-kind bustling city and gain international experience while earning international currency (EUR, GBP and USD).... more
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7 August, 2018
MORE SMOKE THAN FIRE According to speculation reported by Bloomberg, US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and the Chinese Vice Premier had private discussions in an attempt to restart stalled trade talks between the two super powers ... more
31 July, 2018
The US economy expanded by 4.1% in seasonally adjusted annualised terms in 2018 Q2. All core components exhibited expansion, as real consumer spending rose 4%, government spending increased 2.1%, non-residential investments were up 7.3%, exports edged up 9.3%, while imports were flat. ... more
24 July, 2018
Last week, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) updated its global macroeconomic assessment and kept the headline aggregate growth forecasts for 2018 and 2019 unchanged at 3.9%. Even though the headline global growth rates have not changed, growth projections for several economies have been revised due to the shifts in the balance of risks induced by trade tensions... more
17 July, 2018
The last decade with abundant liquidity and low commodity prices would have been the ideal period for governments to roll out structural reforms in order to reduce vulnerabilities and build up buffers. However, in aggregate, not much has been done; many countries barely ‘muddled through’ the post-GFC years.... more
MM 10JU feature
10 July, 2018
Bank of England Governor Mark Carney delivered a rather upbeat view on the UK economy last week. In the Governor’s opinion, the economic softness observed in Q1 was mostly due to adverse weather conditions and economic momentum which picked up in Q2... more
Money Matters 3rd July featured
3 July, 2018
As a tumultuous quarter came to a close last week, it appears many investors were in unwind mode – selling equities and shifting into sectors and regions perceived to be more defensive. As denoted in previous market outlooks, the global cycle is certainly ageing, which should prompt more volatility. However, taking in to consideration President Trump’s harsh trade and foreign policy rhetoric, without it, underlying conditions would likely still be resilient enough to support markets.... more