18 July, 2017
SPLITTING UP The global economy continues to enjoy a growth recovery, with recent data suggesting there has been renewed strength at the beginning of the Northern hemisphere’s summer. However, from a cyclical perspective, there is ... more
Falling Oil Prices
11 July, 2017
GROWING PAINS The upturn in global bond yields continued into its second week as central bank meeting minutes and mostly positive data caused investors to reassess the longer-term outlook for interest rates. However, equities were ... more
5 July, 2017
Latin America: MSCI Lat Am 2,455 +3.10% Peruvian Congress granted the government special legislative powers for 90 days. The cabinet will pass a package of reforms related to: ¥ Strengthening of fiscal framework to support ... more
Global Growth - Featured Image
4 July, 2017
DAMNED IF YOU DO, DAMNED IF YOU DON’T Despite continued momentum in global growth over the past 6 months, government bonds have rallied alongside equities. Last week, hawkish soundbites from central bankers prompted a spike ... more
27 June, 2017
BODY SWAP In 2015 and early 2016, the UK was a bright spot for developed world growth. Meanwhile, much of Europe (led by France and Italy) languished in a post-crisis quagmire, hampered by indecision and ... more
Country Flags
20 June, 2017
HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL Since the financial crisis, there has been much discussion of “secular stagnation” or a “new normal” for the global economy, with lower growth and inflation. Last year, a commodity rally sparked a ... more
Tech Sector V2
13 June, 2017
INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE For US markets, a standout feature of the last few years has been the concentration of returns and profitability across a very small number of firms. Indeed, the overall number of ... more
6 June, 2017
REMEMBER ME? The oil price was under pressure again last week as OPEC’s extension of output cuts (rather than an incremental reduction) and US production hitting the highest level since August 2015 (with a record ... more
Ian Edwards
2 June, 2017
Austen Morris Associates are pleased to announce the appointment of five senior finance professionals to the South Africa offices. Combining their wealth of knowledge in the local and international markets and extensive experience with onshore and offshore client relations, we view these appointments as a sign of our commitment to continue providing our clients and future clients with the highest level of unbiased, professional investment advice, while maintaining our ethos of excellence and exceptional service.... more
feature image
31 May, 2017
PAPER SHUFFLING After a 9-month odd bull market, some divergence and loss of momentum has prevailed over recent weeks. Over the next month, a number of policy announcements could shape market direction. In particular: FED ... more
26 May, 2017
Many people worry about their retirement fund, mostly they are concerned they won’t have enough money to retire on comfortably. In some cases they even worry they will have too much and the tax man ... more
feature image
23 May, 2017
POLITICALLY INCORRECT After a 9-month period in which equity markets have stretched their legs into a “perfect calm” of rebounding global growth, last week saw a mid-week stagger as a 1-2 political punch combo threatened ... more