Retirement Planning

We will continue to work to ensure you have a better retirement.

For first time investors as well as high net worth individuals it is important to plan and invest for retirement. We can provide a package that is right for you as an individual or family to ensure that when you are ready so are your finances.

At Austen Morris Associates, our expertise in providing financial security for your retirement allows us to strategically plan and tailor a long, medium or short-term retirement plan that meets your exact needs. We take into account the fact that retirement plans, by their very nature, are often low-risk and dependable in order for them to provide future financial security. To this end, we carefully ensure the exposure of these plans limits potential downside risk and we concentrate on building a firm base from which financial stability steadily grows as you approach that retirement goal.

People are living longer and as a result governments all over the world are coming to terms with the fact that in a decade or so, it is unlikely they will be able to provide a secure state retirement scheme. The chances are that if you are under 50 years old now and you do not plan to retire until age 65, your state retirement scheme will pay you a significantly lower income or even worse – it will not exist anymore.

Consider this: a man at the age of 40 now, who wants to retire at 60, will discover that his life expectancy at 60 will be another 25 years. That means that today he has fewer working years than retirement years to look forward to. He only has 20 working years left, during which he must save enough to look after himself during 25 years of retirement.
Right now you spend your time doing one of the following activities – you are either sleeping, working or at leisure. Now, during which of those three activities do you spend most of your money? In your leisure time of course! When you retire you increase your leisure time by at least 8 hours a day. 

It has been said that families often spend weeks deliberating where to go on their annual holiday, but spend only minutes considering what they will do for their retirement. Here at Austen Morris Associates, our experience tells us that your retirement is likely to be the longest holiday of your life – all outgoings and nothing coming in.

As an example, for people to realise just how quickly retirement can creep up on them without having made solid plans for their future security and income, imagine you are 50 years old and wish to retire at 60. This leaves only 120 paydays until your retirement – only one hundred and twenty opportunities to save. If you would like to know more about Retirement Planning, please contact one of our Consultants.

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