Donation to Shanghai Young Bakers from Chi Fan for Charity 2014

4 May, 2015

Funds were donated to Shanghai Young Bakers from Chi Fan for Charity 2014 Shanghai organized by Austen Morris Associates. Because of this donation they were able to reach their goals of improving our community. This included covering all costs for 30 students second semester of their studies including Chinese pastry lessons, tuition fees, ingredients, and the certificate that they will receive from the Chinese Government making them official French Bakers.

Founded in 2008, Shanghai Young Bakers (SYB) is a charity program aimed at providing sponsored French bakery training to disadvantaged Chinese youth from ages 17 to 23.The students who apply for the training program often come from other organizations Austen Morris has worked with in the past including XinXing Aid for Street kids.  SYB is a comprehensive 11-month training program that is provided for free to its students. Within that period of training, students take classes on traditional French and Western bakery, life skills, and English class supported by Stepping Stones as well as an internship at an international hotel. Shanghai Young Bakers aims to equip its students with the technical skills that will enable them to be financially independent and capable of building a successful career in high-end hotels, restaurants, or bakeries. In order to ensure that SYB is providing high-quality training to those who need it the most, the program has established a highly selective recruitment process that accepts 20-30 students per year.


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