Chad Goddard


Austen Morris Associates is pleased to announce that Chad Goddard has joined the Johannesburg, South Africa team as a Consultant.

With a strong background in client relationships and business development, he has comprehensive knowledge of the insurance, consulting and FMCG industries.

Chad has experience in designing product functionality with reference to various offshore investment structures. He also maintains detailed knowledge of retirement alternatives with reference to cost, investment restrictions, tax implications (both local and offshore) and drawdown alternatives.

He has recently spent many months working overseas while liaising with clients from all corners of the world to great success through the use of video conferencing. It is a testament to his business acumen and client serviceability that he has fostered many ongoing relationships completely remotely –– a true rarity in the financial industry. This will bring unparalleled value to Austen Morris Associates’ ability to drive the business globally through the latest innovative technology by creating a new digital age customer experience.

Chad perfectly exemplifies Austen Morris Associates’ 80/20 rule, whereby we only hire the top 20% in the financial industry. By taking a comprehensive look at the quality, diversity and persistency of past work –– along with personality, skills and abilities –– we hire world-class talent that ensures our continued success, along with the success of our clients.

Welcome, Chad. The team across Austen Morris Associates looks forward to working with you.

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