Daniela De Falco

Client Services Manager

Austen Morris Associates is pleased to announce that Daniela De Falco has joined the Johannesburg, South Africa team as a Client Services Manager.

Daniela began her career in the hospitality industry, where she worked as a commis chef in various restaurants and catering organisations. She has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, demonstrated by her start-up catering business, where she honed her skills in managing a business, liaising with clients and instructing staff.

Since then, she has gained experience in sales and marketing at financial, telecommunications and software development companies. With her wide-ranging background, Daniela brings a diverse skill set to Austen Morris Associates that exemplifies our 80/20 hiring approach. Beyond just the diversity, quality and persistency of her past work, Daniela is a self-starter who shows an innate desire to provide outstanding customer service.

Welcome to the team, Daniela. We look forward to working with you.

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