David Morgan

Associate Partner

Austen Morris Associates is pleased to announce that David Morgan has joined the Johannesburg, South Africa team as an Associate Partner.

David’s career spans a diverse and expansive level of achievement and experience in financial planning and marketing. Starting early as a Director for his family business Ford Transport for 5 years, David’s portfolio transcended borders when becoming a Senior Manager and General Manager in the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Dubai and Southern Africa. His personal and professional experience in travelling has made him diverse and well-rounded, giving him a deep knowledge of different personalities and cultures around the world.

David has worked with elite financial specialists, managing funds and wealth plans for clients, as well as gaining a foothold in the spectrum of marketing, sales, team leadership and client management from massive corporations to private individuals. He brings board-level expertise and understanding to Austen Morris Associates that exemplifies our 80/20 hiring approach, whereby we hire the top 20% of potential candidates.

With his broad approach to business and people, David is a driven corporate visionary with a desire to engage and transcend all existing standards of customer service and consultation.

Welcome to the team David. We look forward to working with you.

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