Leith Anticevich

Senior Consultant

With five years of experience in financial industries, Leith has a background in personal wealth portfolios, retirement planning, education planning as well as estate planning. He also maintains detailed knowledge of expatriate domicile and tax complications, ensuring he can identify clients who would benefit from specialised advice with specific reference to retirement planning.

He has also spent extensive time working internationally, while signing and liaising with clients across the globe. In an industry where face-to-face relationship building is paramount, the ability to foster relationships remotely is a testament to his business and client service abilities.

Leith has been brought onto the Austen Morris Associates team not only because of his impressive skillset, but also because of his technologically adaptive approach to business, especially in embracing the new age of financial services on a global scale.

While we examine the diversity, quality and persistency of previous work, Leith exemplifies the comprehensive 80/20 hiring approach we take to attract the type of world-class talent that will continue growing Austen Morris Associates and ensuring our clients’ success.

Welcome to the team, Leith. We look forward to working with you.

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