Mario Mitov


A semester before he obtained his B.A. diploma in Sociology and Economics from the University of Sofia, (ranked as the top university in Bulgaria according to national and international rankings—it is constantly among the best four percent of world universities) Mario’s outstanding performance and contributions to the academia got him enrolled in his Master’s degree in Germany at the Frankfurt University, effectively having him study two degrees simultaneously.  There, while perusing his M.A. in Economics with focus on Asia Pacific, in the very same halls that gave birth to the Frankfurt School, he assisted the president of ‘The Chair for the Study of Economic Institutions, Innovation and East Asian Development’ with research, whilst also working as an IB Economics instructor for nearly 2 years. Due to his excellent performance and deep knowledge, he was awarded the opportunity to travel to Shanghai and take one of only two placements in a two-year study abroad program at Fudan University (ranked 2nd in China).

It was here in China where Mario’s passion for Asia, in particular, Shanghai, matured and he quickly realized this was where he wanted to build his career, focusing on International Finance. Having written his Master’s Thesis on Wealth Management Products and the Chinese financial system, Mario was set on wealth management as the career most appealing to his character, taking into account his diverse international experience and his passion for Finance. Mario specifically targeted Austen Morris Associates as his preferred company of choice due to its exceptional reputation, long-standing presence in China and its commitment to ‘Partnership while fostering and rewarding long-term relationships, and sustained success in an international environment’. 

Mario is passionate about traveling, he has lived in 5 countries and has visited over 30, with more on the list. He loves surfing and is well trained in martial arts (Aikido, Judo, and Muay Thai). He is also a keen reader of philosophy, science, and history.

Languages; English, Bulgarian (native), German, Russian and Mandarin.










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